Saunders Lake Fish:

October 2005 -- During a Viking's blow-out, we decided to enjoy a little fishing. The Pumpkinseed Sunnies were biting hard and we also caught 3 nice crappies on the Mound side of Saunders.

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November 2005 -- After spending a late Fall day exploring the Minnetrista side of Saunders and getting only a couple bites, we returned to the Mound side and Tim found a deep hole and snatched a Crappie just as the cold Fall rain started coming down.

April 2006 -- Tooling around the lake in a kayak, Willy found the early spring Crappie hole. (The fish was returned safely to the water)

July 2006 -- This crappie jumped so high out of the water, we originally thought it was a bass.

May 2007 -- No crappies today, just a couple of little sunnies.